Children’s Ministries

At Crestview Independent Baptist Church, we have a vision to reach the next generation for Christ. We desire to raise up a godly generation of soldiers for Jesus Christ to carry on the work of God throughout the world. We desire to see God raise up Missionaries, Pastors, Pastors wives, and faithful men and ladies who know and preach Jesus Christ.

We have one combined Sunday school class for all ages of children from ages 4 to 13. All teens and adults meet in the adult Sunday School classroom.

In our Sunday School classes, we teach our children the exciting Bible stories of men like Abraham, Isaac, David, and Apostle Paul. We teach them about ladies like Rahab, Ruth, and Dorcus who were used by God in a mighty way.

We usually sing a few songs to start the class then our teacher will teach the children from the Bible. After teaching time, the children will sing more songs and play a few games centered around the Bible story that was taught, before going into the auditorium for the main church service.


We love and welcome each and every child that comes to our Sunday School classes. Our goal is to teach each child about Jesus and the way to Salvation. Your child will always be in a safe environment at Crestview Independent Baptist Church.

For further questions about our Sunday School class please email us at

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Crestview Independent Baptist Church

Pastor Tim Lewis